Samantha Chan, Founder/CEO

I believe beauty is about what makes you feel good! Makeup trends come and go but long voluminous lashes have a way of enhancing your eyes that will forever be sought after. Born with naturally short, straight lashes, even waterproof mascara couldn't retain it's curl. It was a pain to remove all while constantly sporting racoon eyes.                               

Faux eyelashes were a must for me on special occasions and evenings out, but strip lashes were too long and weren’t flexible enough to accommodate my eye shape, as they always lifted at the inner and outer corners. Finding a natural style that worked was my mission.

I was in the media industry focusing on research before I decided to start my own business ventures. I now have two kids and the days of having unlimited time to spend on myself are now gone. I began getting eyelash extensions which gave me back some of my confidence back. But I didn't have the time to spare two hours to get that done and the chemicals that were used always stung my eyes.  

We all have different preferences on the look we are trying to achieve. There weren't any options that fit my standards. I sought for a natural looking, low maintenance, and high quality solution. It also had to have safe ingredients that was also eco-friendly, looked great on my vanity, and be budget friendly. I wanted control of what we were putting on our eyes so I spent countless hours researching to find the cleanest products available. I was shocked at some of the ingredients found in the current products out there. This was why Flutterset was created. Our lashes are handmade with the softest PBT fibers and thinnest bands offered so you can wear it more natural or stack them for more volume. This allows you to customize your look to your liking and change them as often as you want, all in your own time. Our system has the cleanest ingredients compared to the top brands. Now you don't have to sacrifice time, money, and quality to have something that makes you feel good! 

To all...

To all the mascaras I've used before, I no longer have to worry if I have racoon eyes

To all the upkeep of salon eyelash extensions, I no longer have the time or the funds

To all the beauty lovers that have tried it all, this might be the best yet


x  Samantha C.