What's the best way to apply?

Using clean fingers, take each lash segment out of the tray to map out your sizes. Apply a thin layer of bond on your clean dry eyelashes as you would mascara but focus on the base of the lashes. Less is more, only a small amount is needed. Don't get on waterline. Let the bond get tacky about 20 seconds before applying each segment. Bind bond and lash segment with applicator. Apply on your lashes for the most natural look.

Where should I start my first segment?

Everyone has their own preference of course but I like to start with the first segments in the inner corner and outer corner. Then fill in the middle for a more natural even spaced lash look. Slightly overlapping gives a more seamless transition between lash lengths and also helps with longevity.

How long does it take and is it easy to apply?

It takes about 15 minutes to apply but this all depends on technique and experience. The first few times will take longer but it's easy to get the hang of it. Yes, anyone can learn how to do it. The first application can be tricky since you are not used to the technique. For most, it’s applying too much glue, which can cause stickiness but by the third time you should be a pro!

How long does it last?

With proper technique and amount of bond applied, you can get more than a week of wear time. You can wear the lashes 6 days, take them off so you can give your eyes a good deep cleanse once a week then reapply as a preference.

How do I remove?

Apply our bond remover on a cotton pad, let it soak on the lashes for a few seconds. They should begin to slide right off. If you feel resistance, let the remover soak longer. Don’t pull as that can damage your natural lashes. Be sure to clean off any residual bond and oil left from remover on your lashes before applying a new set.

How do I wash my face?

We tend to be a bit more careful around the lashes just like you would lash extensions. Lather and wash around your eyes separately. Use cotton pad or q-tips with an oil-free makeup remover such as micellar water to remove eye makeup and to clean lashes.

What if a segment looks like it’s lifting and about to fall off?

This can happen especially from the inner and outer corners where there's the most moisture or you are a side sleeper. Either lift the lash band and reapply bond where it's lifting or take the lash off by gently lifting from the band (there shouldn't be any tugging, otherwise you will damage your own lashes).Then reapply bond to the lash band of the segment, wait 20 seconds to get tacky, and adhere back in place and bind with tweezer.

Do you need sealant?

Sealant is optional. It cures the bond faster so it's great for beginners who may apply too much bond to remove any residual stickiness. It also creates a non-stick surface to seal bond and lash when applied on applicator. You can also apply on lower lashes to prevent top lashes from sticking when applying bond.

Are lashes reusable?

Yes, with gentle and proper care our customers have successfully reused our lashes. Our lashes are made with fine and delicate fibers to give you the most comfortable and natural wear so handle with care to maintain its' shape and curl. Make sure to disinfect and clean the segments properly for reuse!



Don't apply on lash line.

The band will bother and poke your eyes if touching the lash line. The band should sit right above the root of your natural lashes but not touching lash line.

Use fingers to get lashes out of the tray.

Our lash tray is designed to be use with finger tips for easy removal of lashes. Grab the middle part of the lash segments using finger tips. Using tweezers or your nails can potentially damage the lash since it’s light and delicate.

Leave the most outer eyelash hairs out.

Apply the outer corner segment starting from the 2nd or 3rd eyelash hair. We tend to leave 1-2 hairs out so it doesn’t create a droopy eye effect and helps with side sleepers.


For overlapping segments place some bond on lash band as well as eyelashes for longer and more secure wear.

Re-Binding the Bond

You can use applicator to bind the bond to your lashes, especially after a hot shower to ensure longer wear. Our bond is meant to be flexible and loosens over time.