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For a limited time, a bonus travel box is included. Perfectly made to fit the applicator, bond, and sealant!


New and improved stainless steel material for easier application and cleaning. These are designed with a safe rounded tip and fits the curve of your lash line to easily bind the segments to your lashes. 

How to use

Use the curved end of the applicator that mimics the natural shape of your eye. With the open applicator start from the outer corners of your eye. Follow the curve of your eyes inwards along your lash line and bind the segments and your natural lashes together.

Tip: Use sealant on applicator for a non-sticky bind!

Be sure to clean and wipe the applicator before each application! You can use our remover or soap and water to clean. A clean applicator ensures proper release of our lash segments during application and prevents build up of bond and sealant.

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