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Lash Enthusiast

Lash Enthusiast

How it works

What is a subscription and when do I get charged?

Never be without lashes again! Once set up, products are delivered to your doorstep without the need to place the next order yourself!

Subscriptions are automatically renewed according to your selected delivery interval of either every 2 or 3 months. You will get charge the same day you initially started your first subscription. 

Can I change the styles/lengths in my subscription?

Yes, of course! Have fun with it and pick and choose any style and lengths you'd like! Discounts will reflect after you save your new choices.

What if I don't need that many boxes in my next subscription? Can I change the quantity?

Yes, however if you remove less than 6 items, pricing will reflect our tiered discount option.

What is the tiered discount option?

We still want to offer a deal even if you don't need 6 boxes so for 4-5 boxes you will get 20% discount, 1-3 boxes you will get 10%.

How to add Accessories for 25%?

In your subscription account, click edit and then click add item and choose the accessories you want at a discounted price. You can choose Add (which will be a reoccurring subscription) or One-time purchase. Click Save and that's it!

Will I be charge shipping?

No, shipping will always be free for our loyal subscribers!

Can I reschedule, pause or cancel a subscription?

Yes, of course! You can reschedule the date, pause or cancel a subscription any time you want in the customer portal.

How can I access subscriptions?

The customer portal can be accessed through the link you received in the email that was sent to you when you placed an initial subscription order. You can also access your subscriptions from your account under Account details > Subscriptions.

Keep Them Coming, Subscribe and Save 30%!

1. Add 6 or more boxes to bundle.
2. Choose your delivery frequency.
3. Add your subscription to cart.
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